Before the Screaming Commences

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Long time, no schmeldritch ... how the hell are you supposed to tell when we're being quiet on purpose and when it means something is kicking, you ask? When I feel compelled to get a quick laundry list out of details out, I guess. Bad puppetmaster!

Some of you might have heard that the lovely offices of GMD Studios were burgled during the summer -- who'd have thought having walls of glass were a security risk! Most notably, they stole a number of computers (including the one with the list of people to send Book 2 coins too, so we're going to need your help to recollect that information.) Most bizarrely, they stole all the extra Book 1 coins laying around the various rooms -- I can only imagine their disappointment when they tried to pawn them. A pox of crickets on their households!

Even more important, though, is a bit of pre-announcement on the Eldritch 3 Reboot. One of my goals for the Eldritch universe was always to have a structure flexible enough that we could have "guest puppetmasters" conduct entire Books in the sequence, much the way guest directors might helm an episode of an established television series. In this case, that means the best I'll be able to credit myself on this Book is as "series creator" or maybe "executive producer". Who's helming it then, you ask?

Brooke Thompson and Jan Libby. Boy are you guys in for a (trick or) treat. See you in the intermission ...

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